uSDX forked out to (tr)uSDX

Manuel (DL2MAN) & Guido (PE1NNZ) have decided to fork out uSDX and create (tr)uSDX Project. Unlike uSDX, (tr)uSDX is not licensed under CC-BY-SA but licensed with more restrictive CC-BY-ND.  Manuel has stated on the official uSDX forum uSDX source code will still remain open source and anyone is free to interpret its version of uSDX. The (tr)uSDX is currently in the prototype stage, and it seems to be the final official version derivative of the immensely popular uSDX project which started a couple of years back. It seems DL2MAN & PE1NNZ is unhappy about the rampant abuse by the Chinese clone manufacturers and have decided to go for a restricted version of the creatives common license (CC-BY-ND)

Here’s what Manuel has said after I reached out to him on Facebook uSDX Group

“I wouldn´t go as far as calling our Version (tr)uSDX the official Version, because there is no such thing. My Sandwich was also just a Variant. But (tr)uSDX is at least my last contibution to the uSDX Project. Barbs uSDX for example is still out there and his hardware is also very popular. uSDX Software will still be maintained by Guido. We figured we wanted to built the best uSDX Version for ourselves =(tr)uSDX, before moving on to a new project where we try all this crazy new ideas, that piled up. So we defined the (tr)uSDX as a finishing point for the Sandwich. At least I did that for myself. I cannot talk for Guido. uSDX Software itself is open source and should not be over. Everbody can contribute. (tr)uSDX Firmware will be distributed only as HEX File (No longer source code) and will require a standardized set of hardware. (tr)uSDX was created for simplified production, building, distribution, programming and use. A true uSDX for the masses 😉 73 Manuel; DL2MAN”


uSDX Official team have no association with these Chinese cheap knock offs. Top 6 Reasons to avoid uSDR


So, what’s the difference between uSDX and (tr)uSDX?

  1. (tr)uSDX is the final derivative official version from Guido PE1NNZ and Manuel DL2MAN
  2. Difference Licenses: uSDX is CC-BY-SA whereas (tr)uSDX is CC-BY-ND

How does it Affect You?

Nothing really, you can definitely adapt to the changes made by the uSDX team and can make use of it as long you comply with CC-BY-ND. You can rename (tr)uSDX to something else like the Chinese manufacturers who have no regard for any licensing.

Manuel has presented a small teaser video of prototyped (tr)uSDX


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