DL2MAN says goodbye to uSDX

DL2MAN Manuel of the hugely popular homebrew transceiver Sandwich uSDX has announced this would be the last version of Sandwich uSDX from him. So, why after 2 years of continuous development stop the project – According to DL2MAN “Because I feel, this concept around 8bit microcontroller reached its beautiful limit. So I want to build the best version of it, aiming towards emergency pocket radio, and then move on to something different.

Manuel has mentioned a couple of key features this final version of uSDX Sandwich Version

  • It will no longer be compatible with former versions of uSDX.
  • Same credit-card (85x55mm) sized PCB´s -but much lower stack height. Aiming for 20mm, for true pocked format.
  • Ready Sandwich only stack of 2 boards.
  • IO Board and Mainboard combined on one board
  • Micro USB Connector (with USB Chip for CAT Control, PTT Control for eg keying CW with N1MM Contest Software, and also for emergency power supply -power bank- at reduced output power).
  • When the 12V Supply is connected, this is the main power supply without needing to disconnect USB
  • There will be SWR Meter on board and some voltage/current measurement hardware to calculate the efficiency of PA in Software (Alignment Help)
  • SWR measurement also will prevent you from accidentally blowing PA on a bad or no antenna.
  • RF Board will be 5-Band Board (80m-20m) with 3x BS170, but I plan to provide additional Footprints, so you can retrofit it with whatever you want.

Manuel has decided to release this final release under CC BY-SA 4.0 License. This makes it a lot easier for various amateur enthusiasts to contribute to the project and even sell commercial kits adhering to the license.

You can read Manuel message here: https://groups.io/g/ucx/message/10153

The original uSDX started out as a modification for QCX (QCX-SSB) by Guido, PE1NNZ

If you have no idea what is Sandwich uSDX – You should read this dl2man.de

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