Top Amateur Transceiver Kits You Can Buy

Here’s a quick list of top amateur transceivers/ham radio kits you can buy. All these kits are sold by some of the awesome top homebrewers we have within the amateur radio community. All these ham radio kits are sold as Do It Yourself Kits – DIY.

If you are afraid of QRP, You should read first this QRP vs QRO Simplified

“This article is NOT endorsed by any particular homebrewer/manufacturer,  these groups/amateurs have sold thousands of kits and have made amateur radio really accessible at a very affordable price”

uBitx Multiband QRP Transceiver

This kit doesn’t actually need any more introduction! uBitx comes from the family of popular Bitx kits originally designed by Ashar Farhan VU2ESE. UBitx is available as an easy to assemble kit form HF Signals.

Here’s the link to learn more:

Easy Bitx QRP Transceiver Kit

This kit is based on the original ideas from the Bitx series. Easy Bitx is a monoband QRP Transceiver that is super easy to build in just 15 steps.  Easy Bitx is definitely the simplest amongst all QRP Transceivers to build. Now with the new SMD based design, most of the components are now prefabricated into PCB. You can mostly be left with very easy steps to get the transceiver started.

Easy Bitx is bought you by VU3SUA – Sunil Lakhani

Indian Buyers:

Global Buyers:

uSDX – An Arduino Based SDR All-Mode HF Transceiver

uSDX is an Arduino based SDR all mode HF QRP transceiver. The original idea was conceived by PE1NNZ Guido. uSDX started out by squeezing enough code to run SSB mode with QCX Transceiver. Over a quick span of time, numerous variants sprouted out. uSDX Sandwich by DL2MAN Manuel is one of the very popular variants.

The original code by Guido can be found at

uSDX is available to buy from & as a DIY QRP Transceiver Kit

QCX+ QRP Transceiver

QCX+ from QRP Labs is an amazing little 5 Watt QRP CW Transceiver. This kit is fantastic for die-hard CW enthusiasts.

Learn more:


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