FAQs Amateur Radio Equipment Import Policy India

Bringing Ham equipment from abroad as hand luggage by VU license holder?

Any ham can import any HAM equipment without any value restrictions upon payment of duty of 18% GST.
Many Radio Amateurs are lucky that they may not be charged Customs Duty / GST at Airports for bringing Amateur Radio equipment while returning from abroad. Some Radio Amateurs even go abroad for foreign tours especially to Singapore etc. for sightseeing as well as to bring nice equipment purchased from Duty-Free shops. Hi. In any case, paying 18% GST and making it official is always good and safe. When imported as part of the baggage, Customs may levy a duty of baggage rate 40% under NON-TR and 15% under TR (Transfer of Residence)
with reference to HSN 9804

Bringing Ham equipment from abroad for VU license holder by SWL friend/relative?

No import by the representative is allowed. It should be imported/brought by only the license holder.

Govt. Post / Courier, which one is better?

International Courier service is faster but expensive. It so happens for a lucky few that no Customs Duty / GST is charged for Walkie Talkies etc. arriving by post (marked as gift/sample etc.) but sometimes others are given notices by the Customs Dept. justify the import. The equipment will be released only after they are satisfied with our reply and upon payment of necessary Customs Duty. In some cases, the Duty can be paid to the Postman delivering the equipment.

Import of used equipment? Second Hand Amateur Equipments?

Import of second-hand Amateur Radio equipment is restricted. Customs Duty rate never changes irrespective of the fact whether it is new or old. When it is old, depreciated value is considered for determination of assessable value / residual life etc. certified by Chartered Engineer (CE).

Gift of equipment by foreign ham to Indian ham

Gifted/donated items also can be imported upon payment of duty of 18% under HSN 8525 60 00. If it is imported by post it will be 40% under HSN 9804. The rough value of the gift can be declared.

Purchase of equipment through Dealer in India

Some Amateur Radio equipment manufacturers of foreign countries have authorized dealers in India. Some dealers supply equipment of different manufacturers also. Amateur Radio Equipment shall be ordered from them. Sometimes they will have equipment in ready stock or else they will import the same for you. They will take care of the Customs formalities etc. However, the cost of the equipment will be slightly higher as it will include their profit margin also. One has to submit the Amateur Radio License copy / Renewal copy to the dealer. Please place orders only to Authorized Dealers having valid Dealer Possession License (DPL) issued by Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India.

Import via Amazon etc.

For Courier mode, HSN 8525 60 00 always apply at 18% GST

Rates are valid till 31 March 2021

Sl.No Item HSN To Pay
1 Amateur Radio equipment as personal baggage /
8525 60 00 GST 18%
2 Importing via post 9804 Customs Duty 40%
3 Spare Parts 8529 10 12 Customs Duty 27.735 %
4 Antenna 8529 10 21 Customs Duty 27.735 %



Credits: Devadas K.M, VU2DH, Future Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Circulated by: Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

Original PDF by VU2JOS: https://qsl.net/vu2jos/VU2DH.pdf




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