(tr)uSDX now with a spectrum scope


(tr)uSDX now sports a spectrum scope. Guido & Manuel have really pushed this little 8 Bit  microcontroller to this limits. The spectrum scope do work and can get the job done, when you need to take a quick peak of the airwaves!

Everytime the (tr)uSDX community thinks this is the limit. Guido suprises us with his excellent skills to squeeze out every ounce of performance from this ATMEGA Microcontroller. This new beta firmware – 2.00t doesn’t have anymore FM & AM mode. Who was using it anyway 🙂

The (tr)uSDX community have already started responded to this new beta firmware

Feedback thread for Firmware 2.00t BETA

Firmware Download Link: https://dl2man.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/wp.php/beta.html

Note: You need to have (tr)uSDX from get this firmware.
(tr)uSDX is the only supported project by Guido & Manuel ( Stay away from the chinese clones)


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uSDX forked out to (tr)uSDX


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