(tr)uSDX Commercial Kit Now Available

You can now lay your hands on the famous (tr)uSDX with confidence! Available on Backorder!

In case, if you have no idea about (tr)uSDX or uSDX. You should read this first and then come back here.

(tr)uSDX makers have partnered with RoWaves to be the first company to provide a commercial (tr)uSDX kit.
Technical support for the kit will be available from DL2MAN’s webpage and forum.

Don’t seek support on Groups.io for (tr)uSDX. 

Remember – (tr)uSDX is a closed project fork of the very popular uSDX Project.

The official forum on (tr)uSDX has already moved from Groups.io to forum.dl2man.de

Shiping would start estimated from
Start of delivery: Estimated on Feb – 14th, 2022

Price: € 89,60

This is where you can now buy:


It’s not completely clear yet if it’s going to be a complete build or a semi build with SMT components pre-soldered.

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