uSDX Sandwich Final Version Official Group Buy Open

Right after DL2MAN announced this would the final version of Sandwich uSDX from him, a couple of amateurs have started an official group buy for this final version of Sandwich uSDX. This group buy is open to amateurs in the United States. Initial funding for this group buy is yet to be finalized as DL2MAN is yet to release the final version of uSDX Sandwich.

If you want to join the list for uSDX DL2MAN Sandwich Group Buy (Final Version)

Go to (uSDX Official Forum) and join the discussion.

What is uSDX?

uSDX is an Arduino based SDR all mode HF QRP transceiver. The original idea was conceived by PE1NNZ Guido. uSDX started out by squeezing enough code to run SSB mode with QCX Transceiver. Over a quick span of time, numerous variants sprouted out. uSDX Sandwich by DL2MAN Manuel is one of the very popular variants.

The original code by Guido can be found at

uSDX is available to buy from & as a DIY QRP Transceiver Kit



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