Sneak Peek of uSDX Final Version by DL2MAN

uSDX Final Version is an ongoing project, actuals may vary after official release from PE1NNZ and DL2MAN

DL2MAN gave us a sneak peek at the prototyped final version of uSDX during Hamfest India 2021 organised on 13th and 14th November by Mysore Hams.  Guido and Manuel came together to explain the uSDX project which started with experimenting with the original QCX. Guido started initially building quite a lot of DSP features in 8 Bit Microcontroller. uSDX project was born in the year 2018

You can watch the entire presentation here:

Here’s what’s DL2MAN showed us for this Prototype Final Version of USDX

  • No More Three Board Sandwich, Just Two Boards Now
  • USB Port for CAT Control and Power Supply
  • Barrel Jack added instead of power wires
  • Upgrade Firmware over USB (Previously, it was over ISP Connector – Serial)
  • Digital Modes using USB – Serial Interface Not Required
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