Amateur Radio Workshop at Marwadi University Rajkot

Amateur radio & satellite workshop conducted at Marwadi University Rajkot on the sidelines of National Engineering Day on 15th September 2022. This was a half-day interactive workshop organised by AMSAT-INDIA’sRegional Coordinator Rajesh Vagadia VU2EXP.

AMSAT India spearheads Indian Amateur Radio Satellite Programme.

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Around 80 undergraduate technology students came together to brainstorm Marwadi University’s first amateur radio satellite.

AMSAT India was represented by young amateurs YL Sakshi Vagadia VU3EXP & YL Shyama Vagadia VU3WHG.
both members extended great support to set up the VHF station, organise & display Radio Stuff and assist in practical demos including SSTV, Digital & VHF FM Demonstrations.

j Naresh Jadeja Registrar Marwadi University Prof CD Parmar HOD ICT Rajesh Vagadia VU2EXP Shyama VU3WHG Sakshi VU3EXP

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