WA2EBY Linear Amp from VU3SUA

QRP is always great & fun to operate, however, sometimes you feel the need to pump a couple of watts to make that DX contact. That’s exactly where the need for a linear amplifier fit right in.

WA2EBY Linear Amp first showed up in 1999 QST Magazine. Since then numerous homebrewers have made their own version of this very popular linear amp design pumping power ranging from 10W all the way up to 150 Watts and much more!

The magic of this project is the clever design using two commonly available MOSFETs (IRF 510) which can be sourced very easily.

If you need an easier way to make this fantastic circuit and give the little homebrewed transceiver that extra nudge, you can buy the PCB or the complete build from VU3SUA – Sunil Lakhani

This kit is actually great for amateurs with a restricted grade license (VU3) to stay within the legally authorised power output of 50 Watts.

Specifications of WA2EBY from Sunil Lakhani – VU3SUA

  • 40 Watt PEP at 24 VDC
  • PCB size 143mmx 62mm
  • Includes Low Pass Filter Kit prebuild
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Double side PTH through hole
  • SMA connectors on input and output
  • Operates from 3.5MHZ to 28MHZ

Indian Buyers: https://inkits.in/product/hf-broadband-linear-amp-wa2eby/

Global Buyers (Only PCB): https://amateurradiokits.in/product/hf-broadband-linear-amp-wa2eby/

You can learn more about the original design here http://www.golddredgervideo.com/kc0wox/wa2ebyamp/

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