Things To Know Before Buying Easy Bitx

Easy Bitx is a nice little QRP transceiver from VU3SUA – Sunil Lakhani.

Question: Can it operate on all HF bands?
Answer: No, The Easy Bitx board is a monoband transceiver. You can either make it from 20 meters or 40 meters amateur bands.
Question: How much RF output power?
Answer: 5 Watts at 40 meters & 3 Watts at 20 Meters
Question: Where can I buy it?
Answer: Global Buyers: or Indian Buyers:
Question: Do I get any accessories with the Easy Bitx Kit?
Answer: Easy Bitx kit has everything you need to get started, however, if you fancy a PTT Mic you can mention in your order notes (depends on stock availability)
Question: I am a newcomer to amateur radio. Is this kit for me?
Answer: This kit is meant for radio enthusiasts who love to put things together. Yes, you would have to use a soldering iron. The entire kit can be built in 15 easy steps, unlike other QRP designs.  All required documentation is available at
Question: How do I program the Micro Controller? I am not a software person!
Answer: The code of the Arduino Nano Board is available at
Question: What kind of support can I expect from Inkits?
Answer: Easy Bitx is a transceiver kit for electronics tinkerers. If you find difficulty understanding any part of the manual, inkits can help you. Assembling this kit requires you have knowledge in working with various electronic components.
Question: This looks very complicated. Can I really make it? I can just solder components.
Answer: All supplied components in the kit is of the highest quality available in the market. As along you along the step by step guide We assure you will be good!
This post to created to help – Sunil Lakhani – VU3SUA & Homebrewers interested in building this kit.
Support Email: [email protected]
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