Indian YLs Hams set to activate Beaches on the Air


A group of newly licensed Young Ladies (YLs) is set to activate two sea beaches on December 16th and 17th, 2023.

16th December 2023 – Junpat Sea Beach (Grid – NL31vr) – Beach Code – 62417

17th December 2023 – Haripur Sea Beach (Grid – NL31vq)- Beach Code – 62418

10 Meters – 28.385 Mhz SSB & 28.074 Mhz FT8

15 Meters – 21.250 Mhz SSB & 21.074 Mhz FT8

20 Meters – 14.250 Mhz SSB & 14.074 Mhz FT8

40 Meters – 7.140 Mhz SSB & 7.074 Mhz FT8

The Beaches on the Air Programme is an innovative initiative that brings together radio amateurs to activate and communicate from beaches around the world. This program aims to combine the joy of beachside activities with the excitement of amateur radio, fostering community engagement and promoting the beauty of coastal environments.

Adding a touch of exclusivity to this activation is the special callsign allocated by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Department of Telecommunications – AT2BOTA. This special callsign adds a distinctive flair to the event, underlining its significance in the realm of amateur radio operations.

Newly licensed Young Ladies – Arunisha (VU3OAA), Anisha (VU3OAC), and Sanghamitra (VU3NZZ) will be assisted by seasoned operators VU3IZV, Pritam, and VU3IBL, Amitava. VU3IBL, in particular, brings a wealth of experience to the team, having already successfully activated various beaches across India.

Amitava, with his proven track record in activating beaches, brings valuable insights and expertise to the event. His prior experience will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this groundbreaking activation, showcasing the capabilities of amateur radio operators in India.

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