Cloudlog an open source amateur radio logbook

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Cloudlog is an open-source self-hosted PHP based web application to log amateur radio contacts. In other words, it’s web software that works within your browser. Cloudlog was started by Peter Goodhall (2M0SQL), I guess in his free time for this love of this awesome hobby!

I didn’t really like the idea of having a pen and paper always next to me, just to log the contact. In fact, it seemed to be an additional accessory that could be easily sufficed with my laptop. Moreover, I lose notes and don’t really want to maintain a separate logbook which I have to always carry around.

I simply love open source projects, the sheer philosophy of the collective amazing goodness never fails to amaze me. I was only just natural, I stumbled upon this awesome project.

The installation prerequisites are pretty simple just like any other PHP LAMP or LEMP Stack web application. They seem to support all the PHP 7. x, however PHP 8 is still under development.
Nevertheless, I installed it quite easily on a test Linux virtual server ( I wish they had a docker!) Anyways the installation was smooth and hassle-free.

I am simply at first overwhelmed seeing so many features these guys have managed to squeeze in! This is virtual a swiss knife for logging all contacts. Cloudlog supports general station logging tasks from HF to Microwave with supporting applications to support CAT control for all your digital modes.

The Interface itself is very neat, the logbook and the QSO panel itself is very intuitive.

This image is from Magicbug website

And now here comes the best part! It’s integrated pretty well with all the popular third party logging tools like Logbook of the World, eQSL and QRZ Logbook. Additionally, Cloudlog supports a wide range of the most popular awards including DXCC, CQ, WAS, SOTA, WAB and DOK and more are added on a regular basis.

Here’s the link to their Github

If don’t want to host your own Cloudlog server, you can get a subscription from MagicBug, that’s the team of CloudLog.

If you need help, in installing this on your own server. I can manage that for you! Just drop a comment!


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