Mobile Shack Essentials

Every ham operator doesn’t prefer a full-blown home shack. Some just like to convert their car dashboard to a table and hook up the car battery quickly. Of course, you definitely at least have to go through the process of either making an antenna or installing the antenna depending on your antenna design
Here’s a quick checklist and things to remember for a “Mobile Shack”

How long do you wish to operate on the field?

You can’t have unlimited power! – Choose your power supply which you can easily carry and installing without breaking much sweat. You don’t need high amps big bulky batteries if you prefer QRP ( QRP vs QRO) simple small batteries such as LiPo Packs, UPS Battery are good enough. Just have enough power/juice as required. You still have other equipment to carry! So be gentle on your backpack! Drop-in a portable solar panel foldable design, it would be a good investment!

What should be my Antenna?

Simple yet effective! you don’t want to really fiddle with your antenna the entire day and make very little contact. Let alone exhaust all your energy in the entire process. Try to get 90% of the antenna ready before you move to the field. This is applicable to all antenna designs ranging from handheld yagis to dipoles & inverted vees. Remember a mobile shack is supposed to help you get on AIR quickly this isn’t to demonstrate your skills, unlike on a field trip. Mobile stacks are supposed to be the first responders for any emergencies.

What should be my rig?

Handy! You should be able to move without much effort! A minimalist rigs without the fancy knobs like on an IC-7300. Maybe something like Yaesu 867d. Unless you want to transform your complete home base station to a mobile setup. You can try these go boxed from (These guys have ready go boxes for a full-blown HF & VHF/UHF Go Box)

Any additional gears?

Do you need any other truckload of equipments and why should you? You do have the required essentials now unless you forget to pack in your mic and cw key.

There you go! That’s all! Let me know what’s your view on mobile ham station setup. Do write in the comments!

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