Amateur Radio Demo Sparks Curiosity at WB School


In a bid to inspire young minds and kindle an interest in amateur radio, the Indian Wave of Amateur Radio (Club Callsign – VU2IWA) organized a captivating demonstration at Satish Chandra Memorial School in Nadia, West Bengal. The event took place on the sidelines of the school’s Annual Science Day on November 30, 2023.

The demonstration featured prominent radio enthusiasts from VU2IWA, including Tapas Chakraborty (VU2TKC), Dr. Sushanta Sarkar (VU3CBK), and Arojit Roy (VU3EVW).

Arojit Roy, in particular, holds a special connection to the school as an alumnus of Satish Chandra Memorial. Now operating under the callsign VU3EVW, Arojit showcased his passion for amateur radio and shared his experiences with current students.

The demonstration was a unique opportunity for students to explore the fascinating world of amateur radio. The enthusiasts displayed a variety of radio equipment, explaining the technical aspects and demonstrating how these devices facilitate communication over long distances, even in adverse conditions.


Tapas Chakraborty (VU2TKC), Dr. Sushanta Sarkar (VU3CBK), and Arojit Roy (VU3EVW) engaged the young audience with hands-on activities, allowing them to experience the thrill of amateur radio firsthand. The enthusiasts emphasized the importance of communication skills, problem-solving, and the spirit of exploration that amateur radio fosters.

The Annual Science Day at Satish Chandra Memorial School provided an ideal backdrop for the amateur radio demonstration, aligning with the school’s commitment to promoting scientific curiosity and technological innovation among its students.

The event received positive feedback from both students and faculty, with many expressing newfound interest in the world of amateur radio. The Indian Wave of Amateur Radio hopes that such initiatives will continue to inspire the next generation of radio enthusiasts, fostering a spirit of curiosity, learning, and community engagement.

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, has long been a niche hobby that combines technology, communication, and community building.

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