Understanding Ham Pi 3 Release Notes

Hampi is a Raspberry Pi computer image file that has over 100 amateur radio applications pre-installed.

Ham Pi is a distribution for the Raspberry Pi produced by Dave Slotter, W3DJS.  It’s notable because it includes more than 100 ham radio apps, including apps for running digital modes, antenna modelling apps, logging apps, Morse Code apps, and software-defined radio apps.

Here’s the highlight from HAM PI 3.0 (May 2022)

  • Added support for 64-bit ARM – Now leash the full power of your 64 Bit Pi! Yes! 32 Bit release is also available for old raspberry pi’s
  • Updated HAM PI to support Xubuntu Impish 21.10
  • Add IQ Receiver panadapter software: F4HTBPanadapter
  • Add PiHPSDR application
  • Add NOAA Apt Image Decoder
  • Add Meteor Decoder – Decode a meteor shower right on your PI now!
  • Add “About HamPi” menu item
  • Added Python module “watchdog”
  • Update WSJT-X
  • Update Gridtracker download URL (again)
  • Update Radioexplorer database version
  • Update version of wxWidgets
  • HamPC now installs SDRPlay API3
  • Cleanup code: remove redundant code
  • Update and fixes for HamPC


Here’s the GIT: https://github.com/dslotter/HamPi


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