Top 10 Q codes every ham should know

In the world of radio communication, there are more than 50 Q codes, thankfully in amateur radio, we have around 40 Q-codes. As a ham operator, it’s always desirable if you learn and use it effectively whenever required on air.

if you know more than 10 amateur radio q-codes, you may skip reading this article. Otherwise, you feel a little rusty, Brush up your Q-codes!

Here’s Top 10 Q Codes every ham operator should know to use effectively on air

  1. QTH – What is your location? My location is ____ ( You say ‘QTH’ instead of the word ‘location’)
  2. QSO –  When two stations have successful heard and received each other. Its called a QSO. It’s the q-code for the word ‘conversation’.
  3. QRL – Is the frequency busy? The frequency is busy. Please do not interfere.
  4. QRM –  Short for the word ‘interference’. Eg: I am receiving QRM from other stations.
  5. QSB – Short for signal fading. Eg: Station _____ You are QSB intermittently.
  6. QRT – Shall I stop sending or transmitting? Stop sending or transmitting.
  7. QSL – Did you receive and understand? Received and understood.
  8. QSX – I am listening on ___ kHz.  QSK 7070 Khz
  9. QRO – Should I increase my transmission power?
  10. QRP – Shall I decrease my transmission power?

Did I missed anything? Drop a comment!

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