Pune Hams show off skills during Field Day event

Pune Hams (VU2RCP) organised Field Day on the 10th & 11th of September at Iskcon Temple Kodewadi, Velhe, 60 km south of Pune. A total of 11 Hams and a few SWLs participated in the event.

The team installed 3 Antennas viz. G5RV all band HF Antenna.
Delta loop for 20 Mtr and Trapped dipole for 40 Mtr. The two Antennas were Homebbrewed by VU2ANM which gave excellent Performance.

pune-ham-meet pune-ham-meet pune-ham-meet pune-ham-meet


  • Kunal – VU3YEJ
  • Slavko Kobal – S57MAP
  • Commodore Ashish –  VU2ANM
  • Mangesh – VU2OOM
  • Vilas – VU2VPR
  • Deepak – VU2DVW
  • Mathur – VU2CDW
  • Amot – VU3SZO
  • SWLs – Brothers of Shirish & Mathur

S57MAP is an Iskcon Temple devotee. His earlier Yugoslavia call sign was YU3DLO.

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