Kargil Rajat Vijay Diwas Celebrated by Indian Amateur Radio Community

Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute Members enroute to Kargil, Ladakh

On the occasion of 25th Anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas, Dept of Telecommunication issued an notification inviting radio amateurs from various parts of India to travel to Kargil, Ladakh and operate HF Amateur Radio Bands.  WPC Wing of Department of Telecommunication issued a series of special callsigns for this special event.

A four-member team from the Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute operated under the special callsign AT25KVD became the first team, led by Shailesh Deshmukh (VU2LOC), included Shoyon Titina (VU2CWB), Jagdish Bhat (VU2HOT), Jayesh Banatwala (VU2IVV). They were active on AIR on 15th and 16th as per logs on qrz.com

A two member team from Indian Wave of Amateur Radio (IWAR), VU2IWA, an Amateur Radio Organization, has also come to Kargil, UT Ladakh with its two members, Tapas Chakraborty, Callsign VU2TKC and Tanumay Chakraborty (George), Callsign VU2XFD and also activated AT25KVD

The event was actively supported by Forever in Operations Division of the Northern Command of the Indian Army


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