It’s Ham Radio completes 1 year

Its-Ham-Radio-Completes-1-Year Hello Friends & Patrons,

Last year, around this time of the year. I was toying with the idea of making a regular amateur radio news & blog website for the amateur radio community. Mainly to cover all the recent developments and awesome stuff brewed by the Indian amateur community. I discovered a gap, there isn’t any full-fledged dedicated platform writhing about amateur radio from Indian Amateur Radio. Yes, found many defunct Indian blogs, and portals that may have tried, I guess it’s really hard to stay alive. Most of these other blogs and websites are usually tied to a bunch of amateurs, clubs or societies. This really limits these blogs from continuously covering amateur radio news without being subjective and restrictive. I don’t have any affiliation with any club or organisation, hence this put me in a good position to look at things from a neutral common ground without taking any sides.

So far, I’ve tried to cover almost all the niches of the hobby. Be it the old timers on SSB radios to the adventurous SDRs boys. This whole thing started out as an experiment for me, however, things started to really look so far. The website traffic is decent provided It’s Ham Radio technically only an 11-month-old blog.

The Indian amateur radio community do have some really amazing people, who have supported this blog and made me always move forward.  I’m thankful to everyone to all VU hams who are my support system.

It’s Ham Radio is now even recognized as one of the Feedspot Top 30 Ham Radio Blogs 

I am continuing with It’s Ham Radio and maybe can even span wings to cover the other neighbouring countries to make this the best amateur radio news portal for IARU – Region 3! I am hopeful!

If you have good stories & news, please do mail them to [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you, everyone!

Saquib – VU3HZW

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