Interference from Indonesian Stations

Regular strong interference is reported by multiple amateurs from eastern India, particularly on 40 meters portion of the amateur radio band. These stations come in pretty loud and clean peaking up to 58 on the RST scale! These stations are not yet completely identified by the international amateur radio community. They don’t seem to be interested in making use of their QRO Transceivers for any DX Contacts.

According to some amateurs, these are regular amateurs participating in some kind of competition to drown the other transmission!



The worst part is they don’t adhere to international amateur radio guidelines. They like to sing, whistle & even shout without any apparent reason creating wide splatters even outside of the allocated bandwidth.

International Amateur Radio Union Region 3 is aware of this issue and a letter was issued by Wisnu Widjaja, YBØAZ, Chairman of Directors IARU R3 to Johnny Gerard Plate, Ministry of Communications and Informatics, the Republic of Indonesia regarding the same last year.


Here’s what they sound like!

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