Indian Village Kaho & Walkie Talkies

This story is about an Indian village – Kaho situated in Far Eastern Arunachal Pradesh. This small village is located just a few kilometres away from India – China or you say Tibet border. This sleepy and non-descript Kaho village is situated on the left bank of the mighty Lohit river which flows in its crystal clear greenish colour in the Kibithu circle of Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Kaho is made recently very popular by various Indian Youtubers who reached this remote & picturesque region.

Everyone in Kaho & other neighbouring villages is completely dependent on Baofeng 888s walkie talkies for regular communication. They get these HTs from online marketplaces such as Amazon & Flipkart and make good use of them. Residents of Kaho and neighbouring villages learnt about these walkies from army personnel who use similar communication systems although on definitely different frequency channels.

These village folks have no other means of communication hence these walkie talkies. It looks like army personnel deployed in these regions are aware of these walkie talkies.

The good news – Airtel mobile towers will soon be operational at Kaho and hopefully, make life easier for these people.






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