First look of AirPal Dual Band Transceiver have announced pre-orders for its newest dual-band homebrewed transceiver AIRPAL for the amateur radio DIY homebrew enthusiasts. We are yet to get to all the details however VU3SUA did provide us with the working information of AIRPAL.

Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the specifications of the AIRPAL Transceiver

  • Power Output: 50 watts @ ~ 40 meters & ~30 Watts plus on 20 meters.
  • Display: Final display will be OLED instead of 16×2 LCD (S-Meter Included)
  • Indian Price: Rs 8500 (Build – Ready to Use) / Rs 7500 ( DIY Kit) – Two Variants
  • Operation Voltage: 12v-13.8v
  • Max Current Draw: ~ 3 Amps
  • Box Size: 6 Inches (length) 5 inches (breadth) 2.5 inches (height) – Approx

For more information, you can reach out to Sunil (VU3HZW) via Telegram or visit

We will update this news as it progress!

VU3SUA have previously developed the very popular monoband transceiver – Easy Bitx for the DIY Amateur Community.

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