Indian Amateur Radio Chat Rooms You Should Join

Here’s a list of the active Indian Amateur Radio Chat Rooms that you should join.

It’s Ham Radio is presenting these chatrooms for the benefit of newbies who need to speak with senior/seasoned amateurs.

    1. SAARC WhatsApp Group General Discussion Group. This group mostly sticks with General Amateur Discussion & Promotional Activities. PS: I don’t have a direct link for this.
    2. Hams of India – Telegram Group Active Ham Group with some real seasoned amateurs from North India. You will find old & new equipment vendors in this group.
    3. Indian HomeBrewers With over 600 members, this group is focused mostly on Homebrew equipment.
    4. Radio Flea Market Hamradio Old & New Equipments & Spares Shopping Purpose
    5. HAMBREWERS Dedicated to Amateur Radio Homebrewing. This group is filled with many seasoned amateur experts to answer your questions.
    6. Radio Mentor (SIARS) Run by South India Amateur Radio Society.
    7. Parks of the AIR (Official) POTA is a radio sport. The idea is that you set up your radio gear inside a state or national park and make contact with other radio operators. Find all the help required for POTA activation from this group.
    8. QSO PARTY This group is good to share your HF reports with other stations. Share your logs easly with the Indian Ham Radio Community
    9. Inkits Telegram Chat Room of Ham Radio kits manufacturer in India

Please follow general etiquette if you join any of these groups.  These groups have zero tolerance for any spam and irrelevant messages.


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