Ham Radio Dealers from India

List of Ham Radio Dealers from India

These amateurs/dealers sells various commercial and DIY ham radio kits & other required accessories for hamradio enthusiast.

Inkits.in  – Specializes in uBITX Enclosures, uSDX, Easy Bitx (Based on Bitx 40) & PCB by VU3SUA

Hfsignals.com   Primarily selling currently uBITX and Antuino by VU2ESE

Embedude.in – RF Components, Connectors, Coax, Rig Essentials etc by OM VU3HMN

Radiobrewery.com – ICOM Transceivers, Handhelds & various accessories by VU3RCX

Hobbytivity.com -Homebrewed Antennas, PCB Printing, 3D Printing Services

Sanchar Telesystems– Deals in various commercial transceivers from Yaesu, Alinco & Kenwood & Diamond antenna with accessories.

Apart from these dealers, there are numerous amateurs who sell various home-brewed kits for the India Ham Radio Community!

Did I miss out on any important? Drop us in the comments below.



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