How to get ham license in India?

You need to clear the ASOC Exam conducted by Officer-In-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Dept. of Telecommunication under Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India.

Hold On! Now don’t be afraid just because you have to sit for an examination!

The minimum age requirement for Amateur Radio Operating Certificate (ASOC) is just 12 years. Moreover, there are two types of licenses – Restricted Grade & General Grade.  Most newcomers usually opt to sit for the restricted grade exam, as Restricted Grade doesn’t require you to learn Morse Code. The exam papers for both the grades test candidates grasp of basic electronics, radio regulations, communication procedures, local and international law. Now if you come have studied science as your primary subject till your high school. You have already covered most of the required electronics theory in your classroom! A little brushup will get you all covered!

You can apply directly for General Grade provided you are proficient with Morse code and can easily transmit and receive morse code messages at 8 words per minute.

It’s the ONLY Morse Code Practical which differentiates General & Restricted Grade Exam.

The Amateur Station Operator’s certificate is awarded after a candidate has successfully cleared the licensing exam and has paid the necessary fees.

The entire procedure to apply for a ham radio license in India is through Once you signup, you have to make a payment of Rs 100 or Rs 200 ( in case of general grade) for the exam fees via Bharat Kosh

The regional wireless monitoring stations would notify you via an SMS informing the date and venue for the ASOC Exam. It usually takes from a couple of days to 2-3 months for declaring the results.

Once you clear the exam, the information will reflect in your Saral Sanchar Account informing you can once now apply for the license.

The detailed application procedure is very well explained here 

Study Material

If you still have any confusion and would like you, someone, to help you apply online for the examination. Lookup for local amateur radio ham clubs. There are numerous amateur radio clubs spread throughout India. A simple google search should be enough!