Amateur slapped with defamation notice by West Bengal Radio Club

West Bengal Amateur Radio Club has filed a defamation notice against Arojit Roy (VU3EVW), a young ham radio enthusiast. Roy allegedly made a comment in the WhatsApp Group named ‘Ham Radio International’, which is claimed to have negatively impacted the image and reputation of the West Bengal Amateur Radio Club. The majority of members in the WhatsApp Group ‘Ham Radio International’ are from Bangladesh. The group was recently established by Rahat (S21DI).

Roy – VU3EVW  has already expressed regret and offered an apology to Mr. Ambarish Nag Biswas (VU2JFA), the custodian and secretary of the West Bengal Amateur Radio Club. Additionally, Roy has provided a written apology as well.

Notice served to Arojit Roy VU3EVW

Apology Letter by Arojit VU3EVW

This unfortunate event appears to be the first of its kind within the Indian Amateur Radio community.

It’s Ham Radio is a community-driven blog and news platform. It is crucial to foster mutual cooperation, trust, and a strong belief in resolving issues internally within the community. By prioritizing open dialogue and finding common ground, we can work together to address any concerns or conflicts that may arise. Rather than resorting to legal action, let’s encourage a spirit of collaboration and problem-solving within the Ham Radio community. Together, we can uphold the values that make our community thrive.

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